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Case Study 2


Florida Courts Implement Remote Simultaneous Interpreting


How to deliver quality English/Spanish simultaneous interpreting to geographically remote areas using state certified staff interpreters.


The Office of the State Courts Administrator contracted with Rauch Companies, L.L.C., to provide and install telephone interpreting systems in its Miami and Gainesville court facilities. The telephonic equipment will permit State Certified Interpreters in Miami to interpret in-court and out-of-court proceedings in Gainesville. Miami received one VoxOlom Interpreter's Console and a VoxOlom Recording System. The courthouse in Gainesville received four VoxOlom Courtroom Conference Systems (Courtrooms 2A, 2D, 3D and 2E). The remote appearance room at the Gainesville jail received one VoxOlom Courtroom Conference System. Installation of the systems was in mid May 1999, interpreter and staff training followed, and interpreting began in October, 1999.

The VoxOlom Interpreter's Console provides the State with the latest telephone interpreting technology for conducting remote interpreting sessions using State Certified Staff interpreters. The VoxOlom Interpreter's Console connects to two telephones, permitting an interpreter to monitor both English and non-English languages. The interpreter then simultaneously or consecutively interprets for the person requiring interpretation. The VoxOlom Interpreter's Console is a compact, desktop device with features deemed important to an interpreter, such as volume controls for incoming and outgoing audio, broadcast select switch, sidetone reduction, Talk-Thru, and a comfortable headset.

The VoxOlom Recording System connects to the VoxOlom Interpreter's Console and permits the interpreter to tape telephone interpreting sessions for performance reviews and archival purposes.

The VoxOlom Courtroom Conference System provides the State with an easy to use interpreting system within a courtroom. The system consists of a strategically placed podium containing a conference phone for picking up audio to the interpreter, and for broadcasting English to the courtroom; a cordless telephone and headset for the non-English speaking participant; and a telephone for private attorney/client conferences. Two of the courtrooms and the remote appearance room at the jail will have a videoconference system interface so the interpreting system works with the video arraignment system.

For more information on the systems, technology and Florida's program, please call us at (973) 921-0800, or call the Interpreting Administrator's Office at (850) 922-5104.